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Covenant Community Governing Documents 

The documents attached here are for your convenience. The official copies are on file with Rankin County and are available for purchase from the county.  





Huntington Lake is a Covenant Community with Architectural Control granted to the board. Please refer to Article X for the full operating procedure for architectural review. Section 10.02 states: 

"Except for the purposes of proper maintenance and repair, no improvement, including, but not limited to, buildings, fences, walls or other structures, and no exterior additions, change or alteration to any improvement, including any change or alteration of color, shall be commenced, erected, constructed, placed, altered, moved, maintained or permitted to remain on any portion of the Property, including any Lot, until after compliance with the review process of this Article X and approval of the Plans by the Architectural Review Committee."

Failure to complete architectural review procedures could result in a minimum of a $5000 fine, plus the cost of corrective action to replace or repair structures to their previous state.

To initiate an architectural review process, please complete our Architectural Review Request Form


How much are assessments?


Assessments are $439 per household and due in March each year. Homes along the tributary from Farmington Station to Huntington Lake also pay an additional $100 per unit to maintain the waterway. 


If you are selling your home, assessments must be paid and your closing attorney can pro-rate your balance at the time of closing. Please contact the HOA Board for more information. 

When are HOA Meetings?


HOA Meetings are typically held in January in the common area. However, notices will be sent out via email and through social media. 


If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to send them anytime to The Board meets quarterly to review any feedback and review agenda items for the coming quarter.

How do I report covenant violations?


To report a covenant violation please email the board at


The majority of violations are a simple matter of misunderstanding and require only a notification.  

If violations persist there are fees up to $25/day.

What do my assessments cover?


Assessments cover maintaining the common areas, entrances and the lake along Hugh Ward Blvd along with all utilities. Since Huntington Lake is in the county we also pay for street lights and electricity. Insurance is also covered under assessments. 


The budget is reviewed and adjusted accordingly each year at the annual HOA meeting.  

I want to change something at my house. Do I need approval? 


Yes, any changes to the exterior of your home, including fences, colors, roof replacement, major landscaping, and any building must be approved through the Huntington Lake HOA Board. 

Is renting allowed?


No, Renting is not allowed and there is a penalty of $20,000 for violations to this covenant.


A copy of this declaration can be found here.

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